Lots of recommendations for your spring reading, current reading, and nostalgia at the bookstores.
Dealing with grief, anticipating The Dropout and Fefe Dobson is coming back around
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Review on 'Inventing Anna,' Saba's new album and video and more.
Still talking about some scams, Kanye, and why you need to FLAUNT YOUR STUFF this week.
For this week's newsletter, I wanted to highlight something that bought me joy: Cory Booker's comments about Ketanji Brown Jackson during the…
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My thoughts on Clubhouse and their influencer program, plus tons of reads for the week.
This week I'm talking about my ideal Verzuz battles, things to binge watch and a few articles worth reading
What about your friends? Joyce Wrice, Sasha Keable and more
Seriously though.
Tomorrow is my birthday, so here are some links and lessons worth checking out